Saturday, August 16, 2008

On the back of the last post...

Someone gave me a nudge in another direction after I mentioned a few general funding options the other day.

Two other competitions that people can consider are the Shell Livewire Awards and the InterTrade Ireland (Equity Network) Seedcorn Capital Competition.

The deadline for Shell Livewire was - yesterday! Hence the lack of mention last week...too late etc.etc. You also have to be under 30 to enter! The Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards is a great platform for new businesses to launch from. There may be an issue with bad press from certain groups from Mayo...something to do with landowners, oil pipelines and imprisonment. All voices warranted, I'm up for new business start-ups ;)

But the deadline for Seedcorn is not until September, so for those of your with High Potential Start-Ups, please look here for more info. Past winners have been from all sorts of industries - bioresearch, IT, food, medical, communications... Lots of opportunities there for regional prize funds as well as the overalls, so if you have a HPSU, give it a shot!


  1. Hands off, our startup want's that seedcorn!

  2. Good luck Thrifty! Lots of competition this year ;)