Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For Terry Pratchett Fans

Thank you to...Transworld for creating the website...

Only a few days left to vote in my little poll by the way... I'm such a nerd that I'm delighted PLANNING is in the lead. There's hope yet, hehe!


  1. Yay Terry. Got a book signed by him once, no idea where it is now. I have a pretty unusual name and was expecting a comment, none was forthcoming until eventually he said "I once signed a book for a very yuupy-ish looking lady whose name was Galadriel"

    Surely gumption is the most important thing in a start-up? I mean you need all the others, you need to understand your customers needs, create a product to cater for them, price it appropriately, market it and sell it. These are all links in the chain, and funding and lots of gumption are needed to push all the way through the process.

  2. OK Thrifty, I'll do a gag poll next and gumption will no doubt win out.