Thursday, December 18, 2008

Moral Dilemma

If you find out that someone is in breach of employment law - making staff work for 2 weeks without a day off for example - what can/should you do about it?

If you only have the word of said staff to go on, and you know that they are too afraid to "push their luck" because they are non-nationals in fear of losing their job in this economy? You hear that they have said to their employer that they are too tired to work 12, 14, 15 days in a row without a break and they would like to work only 6 days in row, then one day off - and the eyebrows are raised, the question is asked how much they value their job...

They are a victim of their own tiny wage with a family to support.

What would you do?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hello to far away places and visitors!

Greetings all,

I'd forgotten I had a Google Analytics account and just checked in to see who's reading and who's not. How interesting to find that a whole 16% of visitors are popping in from across the big pond over yonder. Hello American readers! Thank you for calling, please come again... It's quite interesting to see that only about half of readers are from Ireland, I wouldn't have guessed that if I'd been quizzed... Almost 20% coming from non-UK/US/RoI - how cool is that. Hello Malaysia...

PS. I've just started one of those "followers" thingies if anyone would care to click :o) It's right there, to the right just below the links to Irish Blogs Dot Eye Eee

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What not to give!

Good tips here on what not to give to co-workers at the Kris Kringle exchange on 23rd/24th December in your place of employ!

Stair decoration
Photo owned by volantra (cc)

I would like to point out that my first ever boss (male) in my first ever "proper" job (I was 22) broke rule no. 1...

...which is:

"Adult" Items:
Items that could be considered sexual in nature are inappropriate (and may even be illegal) in the workplace. Anything “adult” in nature should never be given in the workplace setting – even to the closest of co-workers. This not only includes the obvious like pornography and adult “toys,” but also includes artwork, books, and any image or rendering that depicts nudity or that may suggest a sexual act.

It was a chocolate willy.

I didn't know where to look!

He was a very nice guy, one of those sound bosses that was 100% approachable and always very fair.

And then he produced - that!

It's strange, I'm not a prude at all, I just felt it was SO inappropriate - I was all of 5 months in the place. Maybe it was because I was shy (ha!) or something... I will admit, it came with another small token - 2 festive votives, very nice.

Photo owned by wilttipöö (cc)

Oh my goodness oh my goodness!

I <3 Rick

Jean-Claude Supremo was talking about something funny on 2fm today. I was at work (he gets me through the dull afternoons ye know) and started talking about a particularly funny YouTube. It's Carol Vorderman's last day on Countdown tomorrow so in her honour, they aired this on the national airwaves! Brilliant!

Thank you Rick for putting it up on the blog so I didn't have to put THOSE search terms into Google ;)


A|wear's Website

I've just come across Awear's website & online shop for the first time - and it's great! One of the most important things for me in online shopping is images - I need to see what I'm getting. Granted, a lot of online shops do that but I really want to see it in detail, so full marks to the developers Venda & the lads at Awear for deciding on the right specifications.

Apart from that, the selection is a decent size, their returns policy seems very fair and as always, their prices are very reasonable. It's a recession, you know.

The other thing I quite like about this site, is the communication element. Consumers hate being left in the dark, hate being unsure on where they stand, hate having the wool pulled over their eyes. There is a full page explaining the VAT situation, both here and in the UK. It's just a nice touch.

So now for the droolfest:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hello December...

So I've been trying to put the countdown timer from onto the side menu thingie - it's for the new film which was meant to be out by now but has been pushed out to next summer (grr...) - and it just appears as a white box with a link to Leaky and no countdown timer! It worked the last time I had it up for the 2008 launch, so I am all confuddled. Anyone know what's wrong?

Here's the code-stuff (can you guess I'm not IT skilled...)

Get this and other HP countdowns at

Now why oh why is it not working, here or on the side menu bar...?