Thursday, December 11, 2008

A|wear's Website

I've just come across Awear's website & online shop for the first time - and it's great! One of the most important things for me in online shopping is images - I need to see what I'm getting. Granted, a lot of online shops do that but I really want to see it in detail, so full marks to the developers Venda & the lads at Awear for deciding on the right specifications.

Apart from that, the selection is a decent size, their returns policy seems very fair and as always, their prices are very reasonable. It's a recession, you know.

The other thing I quite like about this site, is the communication element. Consumers hate being left in the dark, hate being unsure on where they stand, hate having the wool pulled over their eyes. There is a full page explaining the VAT situation, both here and in the UK. It's just a nice touch.

So now for the droolfest:

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