Friday, November 13, 2009

Testing one for tomorrow

Or do I mean today?

Golly, I just don't know what I mean...

So the plan for this evening is some of this:

While listening to some of this:

Should be fun!

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Testing, testing. Blog two three

Evenin' All,

Don't mind me. Running a quick test to see if this Blogpress thing works well or not.

Now to add a photo...

Since this is my first blogpost direct from my lovely iPhone I thought a picture of its box would be appropriate.

Now let's see if this works...

*clicks "Done" button*

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Outvesting is a go, submit your entry by 21st November

Go! Go! Go!

Outvesting is looking for good businesses to invest its first €5,000 in so get going! Submit a form to the organisers by 21st November and let the investors decide who should get the cash injection. There's just a wufoo form you've to fill out...


Now - go go go!