Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Where've I been?

Well, working my socks off that's where. But enough of that.

Today, I'm looking over all the #outvesting candidates and trying to find my winners. Had been thinking about five bunches of ten votes then had considered four bunches - one x 20 and three x 10's, then had stopped thinking about that and just opened the spreadsheet with interest.

Lots of debate over on Google groups about what way we should all vote. Merits in all arguments I must say, I'm nervous about a public voting system but also think it's cool, like a little cheerleading squad for the start-up(s) we believe in most.

I am also worried. I know a few businesses there. In person and in Twitter and in Blogworld... So, tough decisions all 'round. Thank goodness I have until Saturday to decide!! Not only which businesses to go for but also which way to vote ;) Would just like to say a huge thank you and well done to John & James for organising it - you guys are pretty marvellous.

In other news... I'm flipping gutted that a certain Ms Kelly has been booted out of the Apprentice. I had been hoping my suspicions were incorrect yesterday but alas... Murmurings on Lucinda's twitter and facebook pages about new business launches and her job at eircom proved that Mr Penny Apples had indeed made the wrong decision (in my humble...) That said, she is making the most of the opportunity (saw her on Ireland am this morning!) and I have every faith that she will be "most likely to succeed" of all the candidates in there. Well gone girl, and best of luck with the new biz!! G'wan the entrepreneurs! Who's taking bets on Lucinda being on the enterprise seminar circuit in no time at all... She's a blogger, too ;)