Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From Cobwebs, a Phoenix

I can't really believe that it's been so long since I posted some news here. It has been a hectic few months - there is usually a lull around the festive season when it comes to business advice and helping people figure out their business plans, but this year is different.

Even when we were snowed in I had a pile of business plans on the desk for reading and marking and delivering feedback. The great thing about my job is that I can read, think and make phonecalls from just about anywhere.

The great thing I can say about all the people I have helped is that they are focussed, dedicated and like sponges are absorbing all of the advice I can give them, going away and doing something about the hurdles they face. I'm so proud of the businesses that are fighting back and rising out of the flames of this recession. So proud.

Businesses are getting cleverer - those that will survive are having to. Cutting out costs wherever they can, delivering extra services for their clients, remembering to - and enjoying - the strengthening of relationships they have with loyal customers. Remembering to reward that loyalty - back to Fergal Quinn's days of "crowning" the customer. It all sounds so simple.

It can be. Just take a moment to look at your business and put yourself in the shoes of your customer - what would they want? What are they really interested in? Stop thinking about what you can do (in terms of fantastical capabilities) and start thinking about what you can do for them.

It is that simple. Good luck!