Friday, November 28, 2008

Just in case you didn't see it...

This was on the cover of the Irish Times today. Pure Class.

How on Earth...?

Haha, someone Googled "chamber maids" and found this blog. How on...?

I just thought of something!


What if...

Zig & Zag made a reappearance on The Toy Show because of their recent DVD release... Wouldn't that be CLASS!

Oooohh, reasons to stay in tonight... Zig and/or Zag. Or just because I'm a complete saddo - either way - I'm probably going to be asleep 30 mins in... This full-time working + part-time studdin' is really taking it out of me!

Ah, so NOW I tell you why there have been such irregular posts of late ;) Isn't it nice when a small mystery is solved...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Something Fun!

I just heard about a new online business that was only launched this month! The grapevine at National Women's Enterprise Day held yesterday in Mullingar was ripe (sorry) with excellent information, but as I am a shoe/bag-addict when it comes to shopping (I have NO willpower, I admit it!) it just rises to the top of the information pile like cream. Yes OK, lots of great speakers yadda yadda yadda but LOOK at all the pretty things you can get on this website... - it's just bril. They don't have all that many products yet but it's a darn pretty start. Good luck to the lady who's starting it all off! A serial entrepreneur ;)
I'm totally addicted to handbags. My wardrobe shelf is filled to bursting with every kind of bag. All colours, sizes, sparkles/plain, work/party, sport/travel, you name it I have the perfect bag for it. I just don't have a CLUE how to sort & organise them. I tried the whole big-bag organisation system where you re-create the Russian Doll concept using littlest bags right up to biggest. But you just forget what you have, and never use them, then go out shopping and see another one that just calls to you... It's probably calling from the top of the wardrobe saying "don't replace me, USE ME you Muppet!" but all I hear is "buy me, buy me..." From the €4 Penny's bags right up to the genuine Valentino's (drooooooool) that you sacrifice many lunches for, I have this fetish I just can't seem to shake...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scrabble Fun!

It's back! Sort of...

The thrills, spills and addiction of Scrabble on Facebook have returned. Legally ;) So goodbye sleep, hello unhealthy competition and much rivalry among crazy friends (woohoo! Can't wait...)

But Holy Cow Batman, take a look at this:

SCRABBLE® is a registered trademark.All intellectual property rights in and to the game are owned in the United States by Hasbro, Inc.,in Canada by Hasbro Canada, Inc., and throughout the rest of the world by J.W. Spear & Sons, Ltd., a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc.SCRABBLE® and associated trademarks and trade dress are used under license from Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.The Mattel name and logo are trademarks of Mattel, Inc. and used with permission. Mattel and J.W. Spear & Sons are not affiliated with Hasbro or Hasbro Canada.

It's from the bottom of the screen when you log in... Covering all possible asses in all possible countries. I wish they (Mattel, Hasbro) had seen the positive side of what Rajat & Jayant Agarwalla did for Scrabble on the whole. It made people like me go out and buy the game so that I could feed my Scrabulous addiction when not online, and invite friends over to drink wine and play in person! In fact, a strategic alliance between all the vinyards in the world, the Agarwalla Bros. and Mattel & Hasbro would have been an excellent move! Harhar.

Seriously though, sometimes a copyright infringement can be a good thing, to awaken interest in an old and dying product and drag it back from mature market, to a growing one. I do NOT condone plagiarism! I just wish businesses could visualise the opportunities before they get all legal and nasty...

At the end of the day, Scrabble is back on Facebook! Hurrah!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So, saw Bond.

It was never going to live up to the unexpected fabulousness of Casino Royale but it was still a bit of fun for a couple of hours.

Points of note (WILL contain spoilers):
1) The return of the naked dancing girls during the opening credits - hurrah.
2) "That" song turns out to be quite good in context!
3) I was rather shocked he didn't sleep with both of the whimmin :-O
4) Lots of blood and gore.
5) WHAT is the point of having all those smashing car-smashing scenes when the camera is zipping from one angle to another so quickly that you get a little lost trying to watch (yes I was sitting at the back with the best view, not up close - I felt for those up in the front rows - must have been like dodgy tennis or something)
6) WHO builds a hotel in the middle of the desert?? Really?
7) I likes popcorn
8) I worships at the church of Dame Judi
9) Can someone please explain what side Felix was on?
10) I loved the hat-tips to the older stuff. Strawberry, for one (did you miss it?! Miss Field's first name...) And the obvious link to Goldfinger, that was class. Poor girl, but class cinematographic hat tip. Love it ;)
11) The watch is back to being a Rolex rather than Omega! I have drooled all over the Omega posters in the past... Tried to rob one once. Didn't work.
12) OK the plot was full of the most tenuous links back to the original tale from Casino Royale. There was little resolution, we lost Mr White for good - no real clarity on Quantum, just Dominic Green's empire (that wasn't a cover for Quantum was it?? I thought he was just one part of it.)
13) The last scene set in Russia seemed to be just tagged on with only a small link to the rest of the plot. Weak closure twist for Bond in relation to Vesper too.
14) I think I got a lot more out of this film than some of my friends. Mainly because like the mahoosive nerd I am, I watched Casino Royale a few hours before I went to the cinema. I for example knew who the hell was in the trunk of the car and what part he had to play in the whole thing.
15) As usual, to end on a high note...the locations were just gorgeous and made me want to go straight home and book a holiday to somewhere beautiful! I particularly loved Mathis' villa in Italy. DROOL!