Thursday, November 27, 2008

Something Fun!

I just heard about a new online business that was only launched this month! The grapevine at National Women's Enterprise Day held yesterday in Mullingar was ripe (sorry) with excellent information, but as I am a shoe/bag-addict when it comes to shopping (I have NO willpower, I admit it!) it just rises to the top of the information pile like cream. Yes OK, lots of great speakers yadda yadda yadda but LOOK at all the pretty things you can get on this website... - it's just bril. They don't have all that many products yet but it's a darn pretty start. Good luck to the lady who's starting it all off! A serial entrepreneur ;)
I'm totally addicted to handbags. My wardrobe shelf is filled to bursting with every kind of bag. All colours, sizes, sparkles/plain, work/party, sport/travel, you name it I have the perfect bag for it. I just don't have a CLUE how to sort & organise them. I tried the whole big-bag organisation system where you re-create the Russian Doll concept using littlest bags right up to biggest. But you just forget what you have, and never use them, then go out shopping and see another one that just calls to you... It's probably calling from the top of the wardrobe saying "don't replace me, USE ME you Muppet!" but all I hear is "buy me, buy me..." From the €4 Penny's bags right up to the genuine Valentino's (drooooooool) that you sacrifice many lunches for, I have this fetish I just can't seem to shake...

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