Thursday, December 11, 2008

What not to give!

Good tips here on what not to give to co-workers at the Kris Kringle exchange on 23rd/24th December in your place of employ!

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I would like to point out that my first ever boss (male) in my first ever "proper" job (I was 22) broke rule no. 1...

...which is:

"Adult" Items:
Items that could be considered sexual in nature are inappropriate (and may even be illegal) in the workplace. Anything “adult” in nature should never be given in the workplace setting – even to the closest of co-workers. This not only includes the obvious like pornography and adult “toys,” but also includes artwork, books, and any image or rendering that depicts nudity or that may suggest a sexual act.

It was a chocolate willy.

I didn't know where to look!

He was a very nice guy, one of those sound bosses that was 100% approachable and always very fair.

And then he produced - that!

It's strange, I'm not a prude at all, I just felt it was SO inappropriate - I was all of 5 months in the place. Maybe it was because I was shy (ha!) or something... I will admit, it came with another small token - 2 festive votives, very nice.

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  1. Two festive votives and a chocolate willy! How completely bizarre!