Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm so bad at updating...


1) I've been spending too much time updating my blogroll and finding lots of interesting people out there with either similar interest or interests so opposite to me that I am intrigued
2) Working is pain in the orse and I've had to bring stuff home, leaving little time for nice long posts on interesting things
3) I feel a little intimidated by the mammoth posts from people on my blogroll, who really just put me to shame with the amount of work they put into them
4) Spending lots and lots of time giving the face-to-face advice means I'm a bit drained of inspiration when I do in fact sit down to post!

Hence the lack of meat on this blog's bones of late. Apologies one and all.


  1. 3. I spend no more than 5 minutes on each post... and most of them are incomprehensible so there's one less intimidation from the list.

    4. what's your real job.

  2. (3) Thank you, you are far too kind...take for example your post on Miss Supermarket 2008 (most entertaining) which contains approx. 880 if you spend 5 mins max per post that means you can input the best part of three whole words per second (supermarket has more than 10 letters!)

    ...which means there's smoke emanating from your board of keys and you are in fact, Clark Kent in disguise...

    (4) You have to guess.

  3. 3. "No more than 5 min"=no more than the length of an episode of Judge Joe Brown for me.
    Miss Supermarket 2008 is obviously the sort of post that was being made up as it went along... it is also far longer than almost any other post I made.

    Clark Kent is the disguise, so Clark Kent can't be in disguise.... have you never seen Seinfeld at all!

    4. you're a civil servant

  4. 4. I hope it's the bit on diplomacy on my pprofile that gave you that idea! Hope against hope... Possibly. Not quite. But nearly! Haha. I work with a lot of people who are... And if they're not they have an unnatural passion for red tape and beurocracy. Pah!

    3. My humour would be more Pratchett than Gerry ;)

  5. Mark Twain, a great advocate of brevity, once told of receiving a letter that began 'i didn't have the time to write you a short letter, so i wrote you a long one instead...'