Friday, August 22, 2008


They've pulled the Fabulous Scrabble Application from Facebook...

Ye Gods! Ye Shower of Scunners!


  1. The worst part is that because US/Canada have separate distribution companies for Scrabble, they're working out separate deals for both sides of the world.

    Hasbro have released 'Scrabble Beta' on facebook for US/Canadian users, but there's nothing for Europe yet :-(

  2. I think the withdrawal is already setting in...

  3. No! And just as I was getting addicted.

    They were to pull it last January however they had been trying to reach an agreement since. Obviously the greedy people at Scrabble didn't want to share :(

  4. Scrabble = Great Fun
    Scrabulous = Great Fun

    Merge the 2 and what have you got? Great Fun Squared.

    Pun TOTALLY indended Dudes.

    Do they not think that working together would be better - for everyone - rather than bickering, seeming greedy and embarrassing themselves in law courts?

    Seriously - I got so addicted to Scrabulous last summer that I went out and bought a real one. So I could practice with my non-Facebook friends and have a laugh. I'm that nerdy. What's that? Yes, everyone wins... I still used both, until last Friday... Now I've such a bitter-sweet going on that I don't fancy playing the real one until it fades and needs to be replaced, thereby giving Hasbro more munzers... Twats.