Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Monkey? No WAY!

Yes there was indeed a little monkey character sitting on the verge on the N11 this morning, who chose to take advantage of the stopped-with-hazard-lights cars and meander about the road itself, taking bananas from enchanted strangers but not pausing long enough to be fooled into a box for safe keeping. People had actually abandoned their cars and were running up to see the little creature with childlike glee on their faces. I must say, it was quite a change from seeing narky motorists giving out, tailgating and cursing at bad songs on the radio before 9am... It's funny how something that is perceived as vermin in other countries has made so many people smile and laugh this morning, and it's not even 10 o'clock yet! Go the monkey. It's a similar size to a baboon but not quite as vermin-y. Much cuter, like the monkey Marcel that Ross had in Friends all those years ago... I hope his/her owner heard the radiofolk giggling about it and the AA folk warning people about it, so they can go back and save him from all the kind strangers, or I fear the little guy might explode with all the free food he was getting! Humans sacrificing their lunches...there is still kindness in the world :)


  1. Ah - I want a monkey. I think I probably would have tried to abduct it.

  2. Was that at Kilmacangogue? There's no way there could be two monkeys loose on two different roads at the same time! Could there? What's the world coming to?!

  3. It was indeed at Kilmac ;)