Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bizcamp Dublin

OK I'd been holding off for confirmation of a family "doo" before signing up for this and as it happens, the do is "on" so Bizcamp has been erased from my diary. ~sadface~

At the Guinness Storehouse on Saturday 19th September, a bunch of interesting business folk will gather round for what seems like an injection of inspiration when I look at the lineup. Well over 200 people have signed up for the conference, which is set up with a community vibe - those interested in attending will also be sharing (not making sales pitches, mind!) - and you can find a list of who to expect chattering away, here. By the way...it's totally FREE due to the organisers working hard to secure sponsorship (yes, sponsorship - imagine how hard THAT task has been in the current climate!) - from the likes of Bank of Ireland and Microsoft...

I'm pretty gutted I can't make it. I was unable to attend the last one due to academic reasons and although this reason is more fun, I'm still sorry there's a clash in the diary...

Here's a vid on what to expect which I pinched from the Bizcamp site this morning...

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  1. Hey MJ, thanks for the BizCamp plug. Pity you can't make it: I was looking forward to meeting up and having a natter about all things DiscWorld :)