Monday, June 8, 2009

Nails Inc - I'm an Idiot!

For someone always going on about value for money, I'm shocked at how silly I was on Saturday.

A week ago I sampled 2 of the new yummies from Nails Inc, namely Savoy Court (mmm, purple) and The Strand (kinky pinky).

So anyway, last Saturday I was in town dashing in & out of shops through the rainfeast, and popped in to get the purple one. Mmm... I grabbed the little box and handed over my little plastic pin-protected pal to the lovely ladies in BT's.

Holy crap, €23 for a little nailpolish?! I went the colour of Drury Lane (above) and just keyed in my pin. Ashamed at the careless spend.

Then I went to a party and told of my shame over a glass of something bubbly and the looks I got where quite a picture.

This is me, who goes on and on about the joys of awear being online etc... Why didn't I just go onto their website?

3 for £20 sounds MUCH better, doesn't it? Idiot, me.

And all this the same week as the results were out in Europe for online shoppers, and guess who's addicted the most? We are!

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