Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Em, Jay?

My tzoodonym is MJ, nothing to do with the MJ everybody's been talking about this past week but a happy coincidence nonetheless. It's really funny (for me) to see "MJ" in the top trending topics on Twitter! Ahem, I don't get out much, sorry!

So just because, I'm putting up a vid of Mr MJ proper. A guilty indulgence. My first ever album was BAD which I bought with my own saved up pocket money when I was 8 years old. It was on cassette. I had a crush on him (oh the shame) and wanted to dance like him until my feet fell off.

Had the privalege of seeing him in the RDS in 1997. I have a blue bracelet to show how close I got. When he hung over the front of the crown on a crane-arm-thingie during Earthsong I was right below his feet. His socks were of course white & sparkely, but what I remember distinctively is that his black shoes were so well worn they looked like the most comfortable footwear in the universe. I remember thinking how much of a perfectionist he must have been - his show was faultless and the wear of his shoes proved how much he had practiced. Even someone who had been dancing for the public since he was 6 years old had to work superhard to be that good.

I've been to concerts before and since, but never was there one like it. Magic.

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