Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Something interesting happened today...

Listening to Customers/Potentials! How unusual...

Irish King of Blogging Damien Mulley posted about Perlico yesterday - a flyer came in his door disguised as a message from Eircom, but really it was just some "alternative" marketing by Perlico. Cue rant! Cue lots of other rants from fellow bloggers and blog readers alike! (Cue me laughing at the success of such a cheeky move by Perlico Morkeshing Deportment).

But what I think is really swizz is that they replied to all the moans and gripes, explained their moves and welcomed a cuppa with the ranters to really get feedback on what would work!

Have a read, go on - it's amusing. But also SO important. If you are going to start a business, LISTEN to your customers. It doesn't matter how big or small your business is going to be, just make sure you listen - people don't always moan for the sake of moaning (some do, I grant you!) so if it's free feedback on you, your services or your products - take it on board. Do something about it. Impress the world!

Well done Paul Woods, Perlico's Commercial Director. Now, the next time you post to a blog Mr Woods, would you PLEASE explain the stalker-like cold calling system? Does it really work anymore?

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  1. Oh dear! It's all gone horribly wrong!!! Have a look now: