Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hmmm, Economic Downturn?

So, according to RTÉ News the old rental market is going a different way on the graph, for the first time in ages. This is news the day after it hit that McNamara's are pulling out of no less than FIVE social housing developments. My Dublin house is €50k cheaper than it was this time last year, at least.

So it looks like people are pulling in the belt buckles, it's been happening for a while. Some are making hay of course - lots of little business popping up all over the place, specialising in house extensions, renovations, home improvements........Woodie's & B+Q have never been busier I'm sure ;) When one thing goes up...

One thing I can't get my head around just at the moment is this: Ryanair - always with the finger on the pulse of a lot of people's purse strings - are increasing their fares, rather than strengthening their position as a low cost airline, in times of economic uncertainty. I wonder what they're up to? Ripping everyone off of course, as usual, but what does the Big Guy have up his sleeve, do you think?

Personally I'd rather not fly with the blue and yellow team unless I abolutely have to...

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