Friday, May 16, 2008

Amusing Businesses - the original entrepreneurial spirit

I just love this. I was at a local garden centre recently and typically, came across bags of "fertilizer" for sale.

I just think it's brilliant, you sit there for a moment, staring at a big pile of poo and wonder to yourself "what am I going to do with this?"

Sell it.

Making money from the byproducts of your business is a fantastic idea, mainly because it is such a simple one.

I'll admit that this blog originally started out quite aspirational - but I think that bit of my learning curve has maybe ended. The thing about trying to think of something interesting to blog about has turned into blogging about things that come up during the week and just approaching it from a business sense. A business start up sense :)

I have just started a blogroll, I hope that's ok with those I've listed. They are blogs I read that I find amusing. As I venture futher into Irish Blogland I will no doubt keep adding to them...

But back to the point of making business from byproducts. It's not as difficult as it looks - just step outside the box for a moment and have a little think.

This is apparently the time for us as a nation to focus on The Knowledge Economy. So, if your business is not in manufacturing or farming or retail or hospitality, but more service or IT based, then think about getting a healthy cashflow early on.

For Example!

If you have a web based business and you are busy looking for customers but they are not coming along as quickly as you would have imagined - how about selling your valuable IT skills on the side on a consultancy basis, just to get the coffers healthy. It will benefit you in 2 ways:
1) Cashflow, obviously
2) Get you back into other businesses

The second one is another byproduct, but this time - for you. It's a lonely old road starting up a business, and sometimes (cheesey but true) you can't see the wood for the....big leafy things. So interacting with others will help, but learning about their day-to-day issues will help you too. It can only help to discuss general business issues in the long term, I find.

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