Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jolly Holly Holiday

Just thought I'd put up a little post to excuse myself from the blogosphere for the next three weeks. Today is Wednesday 18th June. On Wednesday 9th July I'll be back to comment on other people's posts and maybe even write one of my own! If I get to a computer between now and then I might say "Hullo" again from my travels! I'm not going too far away, but I was planning on switching off the fellytone and not frequenting net-cafés with much regularity. Although I think I commented on someone's blog last night (half asleep, can't remember who, oh the shame) that it is getting addictive, this blogging lark.

I know Damo would recommend that I set up a little timer-thingie to let posts go off every now and then while I'm away, but I'm not clever enough to have worked out quite how to do that one yet. I'm sure I'll get off my fat bum and learn how at some stage. Probably.

Can I just say though, in light of Rosie's shitstorm in an espresso cup, I have really enjoyed many, many people's blogs since I started looking into this murky pool a few months ago. Taking my first holiday since starting a blog has brought that into perspective. I started out a little clueless but have learnt so much from everyone - check my blogroll! They're all brilliant. Some have been around for ages, some are recent converts like myself (only doing it much better than me!). I agree with Rosie that some of them are not the best, but I cannot comment on Damien's awards because I am too new a visitor to this murky pool of fun. There is a lot of back-slapping yes, but being totally honest, when people started commenting (and even complimenting) on my blog the grin on my face would just not leave. Thank you Darragh for being my first comment dropper!
I look forward to catching up on all the scandal in three weeks or so...


  1. Have the fun. I'm off with the family for a 2 week break myself.

  2. My dear you are most welcome. I'm sorry I haven't been back sooner but look forward to continuing the conversations with you :)

    Enjoy the break!

  3. Have a brilliant break MJ and thanks for the support you've given me so far. Fair play to you for keeping the phone switched off and not doing much interwebbing while away, that's how its supposed to be. Bet you'll find it a little harder than you think though