Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hooray for more Entrepreneurship on the Telly!

I heard on the radio yesterday that Mr Penny Apples is going to be the Mick going "You're Fired" on TV this year! Hooray!! It's just what The Apprentice franchise needs, new blood. I hope it's not PANTS, because I have huge admiration for Bill Cullen. Just read this... And then this...

Jazz Biscuit blogged about it yesterday too...

The Apprentice (UK) was good for the first couple of runs but in my opinion is gone very stale, as I think all reality tv programmes get. (Big Brother anyone?! No? Didn't think so...). The US one was ok... Hopefully the Celtic Tiger Cubs gagging to get on and show off their clever-stuff will make at least the first Irish run interesting.




  1. Yep, I hope it's not pants too. I love the British Apprentice but Irish reality tv tends to be a bit disasterous though, doesn't it? Will people want to win the job or just be on tv?

    They should do an Irish dragons den too - that would be interesting.

  2. Disastrous is right :) I'd say there will be a lot of the latter applying, but I hope tv3 have the sense to weed out the fame seekers and leave the viewers with something intelligent to watch. Dragon's Den would be great too, I also wish The Mentor would come back - and at a reasonable hour! Thanks for your comment Jennifer...