Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good news for Small Business

The National Entrepreneurship Strategy is finally coming on stream. Full press release available on the Dept. of Enterprise website, gist of it here:

- The Tánaiste has announced a broadening of the financial supports available for fledgling businesses, from County Enterprise Boards.
- This does not mean that every start-up can apply for funding from CEB's now. Instead, those who were already eligible will have less stringent measures to adhere to.
- Whatever that means...

This seems to be an excuse for the Tánaiste to try and look good after last week's many blunders. This press release seems to be full of...well, nothing really. It's not opening the floodgates of eligibility and allowing every type of business apply for funding but at least it's a step in the right direction.

More info as I get it...

**EDIT** hearing rumours from CEB chums that now rent and wages can be covered in start up grants spanning an initial three-year period...this could be much better news than the press release suggests...sit tight!

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