Monday, February 23, 2009

Could you be your own boss?

Enterprise Guru Brian O'Kane has done it again... (cue cheesey lines such as hot off the press and things like finger on the pulse etc. etc...)

Fresh for January he had a new book out, one entitled Could You Be Your Own Boss? which is published by his own house, Oak Tree Press, based in Cork. Brian has written it for people who have never thought of enterprise before. Those for whom self employment was never on the long finger, or niggling at the back of their minds. Now, the recently redundant just might have to turn to themselves for their income.

This little book retails at €7.50 - not bad says you - and he's running workshops around the place to talk about enterprise as an option. It's like a pre-Start Your Own Business course. Well let's face it, a 4-day or 8-night training course is a bit much to sign up for when you're not really sure if it's for you.

I've read the book and it is thankfully written in plain English. None of your jargon here, matey. No I don't have shares in the printing press, I just think it's a groovy little book and it only has about 50 pages so it won't take long to read. Then, if you feel the enterprise flame looking for some air inside you, you can look up more information.

On a much more exciting note, Brian has started blogging! Hoorah for more blogs about Enterprise. Especially the ones written in plain English ;)

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