Friday, July 11, 2008

Catching Up

It's not as easy as I thought. But all you bloggers seem to be off to poxy-gen (jealous me) this weekend so I'll catch up on all the gossip while you're not posting more, hur-hur.

Catching up on work is also challenging. Why did everyone leave the crap to me when I was away? Nice pile of crap awaited me. I left everything pristine, orderly and clear for 3 weeks. Someone even broke my printer and didn't tell IT. Why...

Deep breaths!

It's just post-holiday glums. I've returned to a country where all the prices have gone WHOOSH over three weeks, everyone is depressed & lethargic because of the rain, and those who are not burying their head in the sand [thank you Jazz for providing the link] are yelling about how pants everything is in Ireland. Honestly! I know there are problems at the airport but I'd be willing to sit there for 5 hours just to go back to the sunshine happy people...

So go on bloggers, enjoy Oxegen, have a brilliant time and come back enthused... Let's get some happy vibes out there!


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself! I've been noticing (even in myself) how moods swing with the weather. The last couple of days of sunshine have actually fooled me into thinking I could be content with a holiday in Ireland this year.

    Your post has knocked that on the head for me though. Moment of madness on my part. It's not only the weather but the moaners that need to be put aside for a week or two.

    Thanks for opening my eyes :)

  2. Welcome, Little Miss & thank you for commenting! Glad to be of assistance...