Saturday, March 8, 2008

First Post

Greetings, world of Blogging.

I've been considering for quite some time whether or not to start a blog. Coming across so many interesting people, businesses, experiences & success stories over the past decade I thought it best to share. So here it is.

With this blog I hope to provide those who want it with a place to come and ask a few questions - mainly on the subject of enterprise.

In my experience it often matters less the identity of the sector in which you operate, but more how you approach it.

I myself am not that interesting. I have studied entrepreneurship, slogged my guts out for a real life entrepreneur and now I work every day with many types of business people, each with their own flair for enterprise. They come to me for advice, even though I have never taken that risk of throwing all my cash & time into a new venture, all of my own. It seems that being a little removed from the harsh realities of self-employment, that seat-of-pants-flying stuff, has given me a great opportunity to observe from the commentator's box.

One day I'll do it myself. For now, I'll just write about it.

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